5 Simple Ways To Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly


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As much as we hate to admit it, the beauty industry is a huge contributor to the tons of plastic waste that’s being dumped into the ocean, polluting our planet, and harming wildlife. In fact, 40% of plastic is used for product packaging… Just think of all the plastic in your current shelfie. We’re all guilty, we admit it! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of ways you can start to become more eco-friendly with your beauty routine. So, in celebration of World Earth Day, we’re sharing some helpful tips on how to make your beauty regime more eco-friendly and more sustainable.

1. Choose multi-tasking products

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While splurging on the latest beauty must-have is fun, it’s not always necessary or good for the environment. So, why not start investing in multi-use, hybrid products that address two things instead of just one? This will help you save on packaging, waste, and money too! Even if a product isn’t branded as a multi-use product, get creative! A highlighter palette can easily double up as a poppin’ shimmer shadow, and your fave eyeshadow palette can sometimes double up for contouring, blush, and highlighting.

DIY masks are a great eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to splurging, and no matter what your beauty concern, there’s a quick and easy DIY fix; from oily skin to greasy locks.

2. Bleed Green

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Another way to cut down your carbon footprint is to re-examine your period products. Over 100 billion period products are thrown away every year; most contain plastic and therefore cannot be reused or recycled and end up breaking into pieces and even entering the food chain!

But the good news is, there are now SO many solutions. In the past year, the world’s first reusable tampon applicator, Dame, was revealed… It works exactly like a typical applicator tampon, however, you assemble the tampon each time by placing it into the applicator. DAME also provide organic, recyclable tampons, and they even give you a little pouch to stash your applicator in, made from recycled materials (obvs). Read our full review of what a recyclable tampon is like here.

Mooncups, $30, are another great solution; it’s a small cup that stores the fluid rather than absorbing it. Then you empty the contents into a sink and wash the cup after every use. Each cup is reusable for up to five years!

3. Use a reusable razor

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If your preferred method of hair removal is shaving, then trade in your plastic disposable razors for a reusable, stainless steel model. And don’t assume that just because they’re reusable, they’re more expensive; you can find a reusable razor for less than $18 and spend less than a dollar on replacement blades. There are so many amazing brands to choose from, here are three of our faves:

  • Flamingo Razor, $9: This five-blade razor is weighted to help avoid slipping and allow for a smoother shave. Plus, it’s SO pretty.
  • Oui The Rose Gold Single-Blade Razor, $75: While we totally understand this is a lot of money to spend on a razor; it’s the ultimate luxe choice. The weighted and balanced razor enables you to apply the right amount of pressure, for a seamless shave.
  • Billie Razor, $9: This razor has five blades that are encased in aloe vera soap that show your skin some love while achieving an extra close shave. The starter pack includes a Billie handle, the mag(net)ic holder and two razors for only $9, which is insane! After that, you can restock with blade cartridges.

4. Ditch the makeup wipes

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While we totally understand the appeal of makeup wipes; they’re seriously damaging the environment, and in the long term, they’re not good for your skin either. In fact, the plastic fibers in wipes take over 100 years to biodegrade! Even cotton pads are wasteful and they’re easily replaced with alternatives that are better for your skin. A muslin cloth is a perfect example; it cleanses and removes impurities while also working as a gentle exfoliator. You can also buy reusable cotton pads, $12, that you clean in the washing machine or you can get a reusable face cloth, like the Face Halo, $23, which actually removes all your makeup just with water.

5. Look for the recycle symbol

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One of the easiest ways to make an eco-friendly change to your shopping habits is to look for packaging that’s made from recycled materials, which can often also be reused or recycled once again. It’ll normally have this little symbol on the front:


You can also get creative with empty beauty products: We love to use a glass spray bottle for a DIY facial mist or wash out our eye cream pots and use them as the perfect travel-friendly moisturizer container (hand-luggage friendly)! We even like to reuse our perfume bottles as a vase, which is probably the most Insta-worthy recycle ever! Also check out eco-warriors Lush, who is doing the most when it comes to cutting back on packaging and making their beauty products greener.

Other small changes you can make to help the planet are:

  • Take shorter showers: Try to cut back on baths and take shorter showers to cut back on water consumption. Start turning the water off while you’re soaping up your body or shampooing your hair.
  • Recycle: Check the labels of your beauty products and recyle plastic components, glass bottles or cardboard packaging.

How do you guys keep your regime eco-friendly? Let us know in the comments below.