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Ohh, Taylor!

Country musics’ little miss sunshine is heating up the pages of T Magazine with defining retro glam style, classic doll like looks, and sassy debonair charm.

Photos courtesy of T Magazine

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Britney’s New (Photoshopped) Bod

By Huda Heidi Kattan

A gorgeous model and friend of mine, Elise Cole, told me recently about Britney’s ad campaign for Candies and how there was heavy photoshopping. Of course, the fact that these photos are “edited” is no surprise, but what is pretty awesomeContinue reading

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Hot, Hot Coco

By Huda Heidi Kattan

As beautiful as she is, this incredibly talented supermodel has balls as well. I absolutely adore Coco for speaking out against eating disorders Continue reading

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The Bold and the Beautiful

Anyone notice a trend right now with celebs and bold-blond extensions? We have, and we love it! Fashion icons, Kim K, Ciara, and Rihanna have all been spotted wearing adventurous highlights in their manes and have caught our attention! Are these trendsetting divas on to something, or is this just a fad? Either way, we love it and we’re following this trend!!

Great tip: Highlights are great for people who want to take focus away from traits like a slightly larger nose, etc. They are a great tool for taking attention and softening the overall appearance of the face!

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Rihanna’s G.I.Jane Makeover

This video is sizzling! Rihanna in the barricades? We may see an extrodinary number of men signing up to be next to the Barbadeon princess. Noting quite says Go Army like RiRi in a bullet vest! Rihanna’s makeup is so hot I have to do a tutorial on this look!! It’s hard not to notice two hot trends Rihanna rocks oh so perfectly in this video: rounded nails and fuschia lips, ladies take note! As always RiRi does it again!

images copied from iTunes
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Jlo’s Hot New-Baby-Bod!!

Jlo is looking super hot in this February 2010 spread for Elle. The mother of twins is looking the best she has since giving birth. Reportedly, the bodacious bombshell has lost 40 lbs and is almost completley done with her baby weight! Either way, we think she looks hot!!!

(above, Gucci Dress (Worn Back-to-Front))

Rag & Bone Bowery Leather Jacket, Prada Jersey Leggings, Jacob and Co Diamond Chain Necklace

Moschino Chain Jacket, Alexander Wang Leather Shorts and Leg Warmers
images courtesy of Elle
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Gisele, Vogue-a-licious!

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Is it me or is Vogue obsessing over Gisele right now? Well, if they are, it’s with good reason! Just after finishing her hot Vogue Korea cover shoot that was very army inspired, Gisele locks another coverContinue reading

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