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Vitamin HB | Stop Hair Breakage

By Huda Heidi Kattan

The other day, one of my fans wrote on my facebook page saying that her hair started breaking after a bad Keratin treatment (It’s really scary, but we need to be very careful of the products we use, they could cause some serious damage)!  So to help mend the broken hairs, here is a recipe for an at home hot oil treatment that aids with hair health and breakage. Continue reading

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The Bold and the Beautiful

Anyone notice a trend right now with celebs and bold-blond extensions? We have, and we love it! Fashion icons, Kim K, Ciara, and Rihanna have all been spotted wearing adventurous highlights in their manes and have caught our attention! Are these trendsetting divas on to something, or is this just a fad? Either way, we love it and we’re following this trend!!

Great tip: Highlights are great for people who want to take focus away from traits like a slightly larger nose, etc. They are a great tool for taking attention and softening the overall appearance of the face!

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