By Huda Heidi Kattan

As much as we think makeup makes us look pretty, let’s be honest, we know they have harmful chemicals in them! Most of these chemicals, can cause SERIOUS health conditions in the future. Like what you may ask? Weeeell, Talc has been linked to soooo many health conditions, one being Ovarian Cancer! And if you think you’re NOT using Talc, guess again. Nealy all makeup has Talc or parabans or other harmful oils and ingredients that our skin DOESN’T need!

Sooo, this makeup video is something you can use EVERY single day and not only are the products in this video ok to use, they are actually healthy and make your skin, lashes, lips MORE beautiful! Enjoy!!

This video is dedicated to my BFF in the whole world, Candy, since she has tremendously influenced me to go down the organic route! I love you!