Broke Beauty Guide: 10 Genius Beauty Hacks That Will Save You $$$!


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If you’re anything like us at HB HQ, you treasure your beauty products and want to make the most of every last brush, blush, and lipstick. A smashed palette is a worthy reason for a day off work and your FAV foundation being stuck at the bottom of the bottle is cause for an all-day frown. Besides the fact that we love our makeup, we spend good money on it too, and we don’t want a single drop to go to waste. So, with that in mind, here are ten genius hacks that will do everything, from save your eyelashes, fix your mascara, save your smashed powders, and more…

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1. Get Every Last Bit of Lotion

Cut open your beauty tubes to get all your beauty product out. This works on almost ANY plastic bottle! You’ll be amazed by how much is left inside when no more seems to come out. Scrap the leftover product from the top half that you cut off and put it into the bottom half. You’ll then have a huge amount of product left to use, and you can seal it up again by pushing the top half over the bottom half.

2. Salvage Broken Powders

We’ve all lived the nightmare of watching in slow-mo as our fav powder or eyeshadow drops slowly to the floor and shatters into tiny little pieces.

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But there’s good news! You can save your broken powder (don’t take them traveling!) with rubbing alcohol. Add a few drops at a time until the eyeshadow turns into a thick paste, then press it down firmly with a spoon or your finger. Leave it open for the alcohol to evaporate; when it does, your powder will be good as new.

3. Save Your Foundation

You found the perfect shade, the perfect coverage, and now it’s gone, but you can still see a good few dollars of foundation left at the bottom of the glass jar. Of course, the freakin’ pump won’t reach it. Remove the pump, tip the foundation upside down in a re-sealable pot and leave it for a few hours. When you return, the majority of the product will be waiting in the pot for you. Still more foundation stuck inside the bottle? Add a little moisturizer and shake, et voila… Tinted moisturizer.

4. Fix Broken Lipstick

Nothing is messier than trying to apply lipstick when it’s broken. Fix it by gently melting the broken parts, put them back together, then place it in the fridge for around an hour to seal… Lipstick fixed.

5. Revive Your False Lashes

Make the most of your false lashes by cleaning and storing them properly to get up to 20 wears from them:

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See the full false lash cleaning hack here.

6. Don’t Waste Your Foundation

Never apply your foundation straight onto a beauty blender or sponge, it will soak up all your foundation. Instead, dot it over your face, and spread it with your fingers or a foundation brush. Then, use your makeup sponge as the final step to perfect and blend your foundation, contour, or concealer.

7. Freshen Up Toiletries

Think you’ve finished your shampoo, conditioner, or body wash? Add some water to it and give it a shake, you’ll get more than a few more uses from them.

8. Rescue Your Lipgloss

Revive your fav lip gloss with warm water. When it gets to a point where you’re literally scraping the barrel, just put the lip gloss in a glass of hot water (not boiling). The leftover product will sink to the end of the tube where the wand can reach it.

9. DIY A Unicorn Glow!

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Got glitters you never use, outdated bronzers and shadows, broken powders? Smash them up into a fine powder and mix it with a moisturizer or coconut oil for a homemade tinted or shimmering moisturizer.

10. De-Clump Mascara

Mascara going dry and clumpy? Add a couple of eye drops into the mascara, mix about, and it will be good as new for another week at least. In a pinch, a drop of hot water will do the trick.

We hope these hacks revolutionize how you save your beauty products! If you’ve got any other amazing ideas, we’d love to know: leave your tips in the comments 🙂