TikTok's Coquette Trend Is Giving Flirty Energy (& We Love It)

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We don’t know about you, but we can’t resist a major TikTok trend, especially one as cute and flirtatious as #CoquetteMakeup. The coquette aesthetic has been gaining MAJOR traction on TikTok for the past year. It’s all about embracing your feminine energy, romanticizing your life, and being oh-so-girly.


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Now, #coquettemakeup is making waves, and it makes TOTAL sense since it relies heavily on everyone’s fave product RN, AKA blush. For us, it ticks every box: it’s super cute, easy to achieve, and also customizable. And it appears to have graduated from TikTok and elevated its status to the celeb stratosphere, with icons like Hailey Bieber and Lizzo both experimenting with the trend. So without further ado, here’s everything to know about #coquettemakeup, plus soooo much inspo… we just couldn’t help ourselves; it’s TOO cute.

The Coquette Makeup Trend

@zoekimkenealy coquette makeup tutorial! This is based on the infamous art of seduction book 😅 I love the archetypes laid out and thought each one would be an interesting makeup look in a series. #coquette #coquettemakeup #coquetteaesthetic #artofseduction #artofseductionseries #madisonbeermakeup #madisonbeermakeuptutorial ♬ Photo – RICEWINE

Okay, let’s start by clarifying WTF a coquette actually is?! As described by the Oxford Dictionary, a coquette is a “flirtatious woman.” It was a common term in the 18th and 19th centuries when women reclaimed the term ‘coquet’ (meaning promiscuous in French) and defied ‘proper’ etiquette by flirting with potential suitors. Think: a light stroke of your suitor’s shoulder or batting your lashes while fluttering your fan. It may not seem like much, but for women in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was empowering – they were reclaiming their feminine agency and using it to advance themselves within society. Also, low-key, who doesn’t love to lean into their feminine power and get their flirt on?

Okay, so now you know the main character energy the coquette vibe exudes, let’s get down to the deets of the look. The look pairs together two opposing vibes: innocence and sultriness. It’s giving burning blushed cheeks with a sultry winged liner, so your crush can’t keep his eye/hands off of you…cheeky, we know. It’s flirtatious, it’s cute, and it’s utterly irresistible. So lean into your DIVINE feminine energy, be a bit of a tease, and have some fun *wink wink.*


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If you’re looking for coquette queens to inspire your look, head to Netflix and binge-watch Bridgerton. It’s the ultimate coquette mood board. IRL, celebs like Hailey, Lizzo, and Madison Beer lurrve dipping their toe in coquette territory. And then, of course, you have BeautyTok and FashionTok. The hashtag #coquette currently has over seven billion views, so you won’t be short of inspo. It also leans on other TikTok makeup trends like cold girl makeup, siren eyes, doe eyes, and douyin blush.

How to Slay Coquette Makeup

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It’s a cliché, we know, but when we think hyper-feminine makeup, one color comes to mind, and that’s pink. Yup, when it comes to coquette makeup, think pink and roll with it. We’re talking rosy pink blush, soft pink eye shadow, and glowy skin. A pink monochromatic moment is THE moment, after all.

When it comes to your complexion, you want a fresh and dewy glow, so opt for a light to medium-coverage foundation with a natural, luminous-skin finish. The GloWish Multidew Skin Tint, $37, is perfect for this look as it has buildable coverage and gives the most insane glow that lasts all day. And a cream highlighter is always a good idea. We’re obsessed with the L’Oréal Paris Makeup True Match Lumi Glow Amour Glow Boosting Drops, $9, as it can be applied as a highlighter, or you can add a couple of drops into your foundation for a little glow-getting boost.

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Blush is integral to this trend, so definitely don’t skip this step. Find a pigmented formula like the Huda Beauty Cheeky Tint Blush Stick, $25, and apply it along your cheekbones for a sculpted, rosy glow. You could also opt for a draped blush look, which is when you apply your blush along your cheekbones to your temples and up around your browbone.

@02dolls c’est très rose #fypシ #coquette ♬ Watercolor Eyes – From “Euphoria” An Original HBO Series – Lana Del Rey

As for the eyes, you want to accentuate your peepers with a lil’ liner and XXL long lashes. Opt for a siren eyeliner look, as this will emphasize the inner and outer corners of your eyes for added allure.

When it comes to your lashes, think super fluttery and romantic. We love the Sephora Collection Big By Definition Mascara, $12, as it really curls and fans out the lashes while adding a subtle thickness. Another forever fave is the YSL Beauty Radical Volumizing Mascara, $29, as it lengthens and adds drama to your lashes without being clumpy. You could also opt for a flirty pair of falsies or add individual clusters to the outer corner.

The TikTok girlies are also loving a pearl moment, so get creative and add some pearl or gemstone detailing to your look. When it comes to placement, a gem or pearl on the inner corner of your eye is a cute addition to elevate the look.

For the ultimate coquette pout, you want your lips to look full and juicy, but other than that, it’s really up to you. You could overline your lips and layer a gloss-giving balm or keep it simple with a lip tint. Our only real advice would be to keep it pink, so opt for blush or berry tones.

Coquette Hair Inspo


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Of course, no makeup look is complete without a stunning hairstyle, so we had to deliver some coquette hair inspo. Ribbons and bows translate the coquette vibe effortlessly. We’re also obsessed with Lizzo’s hairstyle at the BRIT Awards, a cute (on-trend) bob with upturned ends? It’s just too good.

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Princess curls are also a vibe with this trend – they’re just sooo romantic and girly. Or, if you’re more of an updo kinda person, follow this easy tutorial.

Coquette Nails

@dollettedoll coquette nail inspo🤍 #coquette #nailinspo #oldmoneyaesthetic #coquettecore #lanadelrey #dolletteaesthetic #madisonbeer #SimsSelves #SpotifyWrapped ♬ diet mountain dew bby – estelle ☆

As nail art STANS, we couldn’t forget about #nailspo! Coquette nails have garnered rave reviews on TikTok with 35.9 million views! However, there isn’t one nail design that dominates the trend; it’s simply nail art that’s hyper-feminine and pretty. The color palette features pastel pinks, milky nude tones, and of course, lustrous red. As for the design details, there are hearts, lace designs, and pearl adornments. Honestly, could it be any cuter?

Okay, now you know about the coquette trend, the real question is: are you going to try it? Let us know in the comments below.

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