EVERYTHING You Need To Know For Perfect Brows


Being able to fill in your brows is a legitimate skill: it’s essentially a mix of artistry and geometry. Because if you think about it, finding the perfect arch is all about the angles and proportions of your face shape, and when it comes to filling them in, getting the technique right is just as important. Good brows actually help balance your face and can make you look a lot younger. So, to help, we’ve got all of the info on everything brow-related: from your ideal shape to grooming hacks, and of course, our go-to products. Here’s our super easy 101 on how to let your brows live their best life:

Work out your brow shape:

The shape: Finding the correct brow shape is possibly one of the hardest aspects of brow grooming, as it’s about achieving the perfect harmony between your natural brow shape and your face shape. When it comes to the most flattering shape, you can use your brows to enhance your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, high-angled brows can help create the illusion of a longer, slimmer face. For a breakdown of what brow shape will best suit the dimensions of your face, take a quick look at this post.

Don’t try and create perfect twins: Just remember this brow mantra: your brows should be sisters, not twins. Unlike a lot of beauty rules, this one is not a myth! Often when you try and make sure they’re a perfect match, you can over-tweeze them, and they’ll end up looking too thin. So, try not to stress about making them identical, and remember, it’s only you that spends all day staring at them.

How to tweeze like a pro:

Tweezerman X HB

  • Never tweeze in direct sunlight: We know this sounds crazy, but if the lighting is too bright, you can end up over-plucking your brows. The best lighting is in the morning after you’ve showered, as your pores will be more open, so it’ll be less painful.
  • Don’t be afraid to pluck above the brow: This is a highly debated topic, as many people believe you should never pluck above the brow. But if there are any fine stray hairs, feel free to tidy them up.
  • Don’t pluck grey hair: If you pluck a grey hair, your brows can end up looking patchy. Instead, reach for the brow gel, or you could consider getting your brows professionally tinted.
  • Know when not to tweeze: Sometimes, when your brows are looking a little wild, the best solution is a trim rather than plucking them. When it comes to trimming, always use a spooley to brush the hair up straight and then only trim the longest hairs.

How to fill them in like a pro:

If you love a bold brow as much as us, here’s our full routine:

  • Start with the arch: Generally, we like the start at the arch, as this should be the darkest point of the brow.
  • Use two shades: To get the perfect gradient, it can help to use two brow shades: you don’t want the same shade throughout your brows, as this can make them look too harsh. So, use a lighter powder for the front of your brows and a darker color for the arch and tail.
  • Use concealer to correct: Once you’ve finished your brows, outline them using concealer to give them more definition. You can also drag some concealer through the inside edge of your brow to lighten it, perfecting the gradual gradient.
  • Don’t neglect the spooley: With most brow kits or brow pencils, there will be a spooley attached. You should use this once you’ve finished your brows to remove any excess pigment and help blend the product. It’s also a really good setting tool if you don’t like using a gel; just spray it lightly with hairspray and brush through your brows.

Our top brow products:

  • Our go-to Cream: Benefit Cosmetics ka-BROW! CreamGel Eyebrow Color, $24. The application of this brow gel is super smooth, allowing you to build up the product so you can create both soft and natural brows, as well as a more defined brow. The angled brush is great too, as it’s really precise for easy styling.
  • Our all-time fav brow product: Makeup Forever Aqua Brow, $17. This has been our go-to product for years. It’s super long-lasting so your brows will stay smudge-proof all day.
  • Our #no1 brow powder: Urban Decay Brow Box, $30. If your brows are slightly more sparse, we would recommend using a powder. As this brow box has two shades, you can create a more natural look. It comes with its own mini tweezers and spooley too, so it’s great for when you’re on the go, and you need a little reshaping.
  • Our ultimate tweezing tool: Tweezerman X HUDA BEAUTY COLLECTION, $60. This has got to be one of our all-time fav collabs. Inside the super cute lipstick pouch, there are two tweezers: one regular-sized and one travel-sized mini. Both tweezers have a slanted edge and are super sharp, making them really easy to use. It also comes with a mirror, a spooley, and THE best trimming scissors – everything you need for major #browgoals.