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We’ll always be here to support female-founded beauty brands. Period. So today, we wanted to spotlight five female-owned brands that have been on our radar for some time. These badass brands continuously deliver ahhmazing products and fire social content that keeps us engaged.

However, these brands and their extremely cool founders manage to bring an extra layer of bold, creative female energy to everything they do. You know that moment when you discover a beauty brand and then fall in luuurve with its founder? Well, that happened five times here! These women fuel their brand with purpose; they’re making MOVES and celebrating milestones. It’s a girl crush kinda thing.

Okay, we sound a little gushy now, so let’s just get to it…


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Dizziak has been getting a lot of press this week as it was revealed that the ultimate cool girl, Dua Lipa, invested in the body and haircare brand. But TBH, ever since its launch, they’ve been a fave amongst London beauty lovers, which is where the incredible Founder, Loretta de Feo, calls home.

As for the brand story, we’ll let Loretta take it away… Loretta told Vogue, “I created Dizziak because I needed it. I was let down time and time again by products that didn’t work on my hair, and which weren’t available on the high street. A change had to come, and that change was Dizziak.”

The brand was born in March 2018 and began with its hero product, Deep Conditioner, $22, which caters to all curls instead of one specific curl type. Dizziak has since moved into the body care aisle with their Body Conditioner, $20, and Body Scrub, $24, which have already garnered rave reviews.

The brand is minimalist and effortlessly cool; it takes a no-BS approach to everything, from the packaging and formulation to the distinct lack of marketing. Instead, it relies on delivering effective and affordable products that constantly receive 5-star feedback. Honestly, we could go on and on about this brand, but you just really need to try it for yourself!

Must-have: Deep Conditioner, $22.

2. Dieux Skin

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If you want to know your skincare’s who, what, and why, you’re about to fall in love with Dieux Skin. Started by three beauty industry QUEENS – Charlotte Palermino, Joyce De Lemos, and Marta Freedman – who all shared a clear goal: to create a skincare line that is religious about results and completely transparent, so you, the consumer, know exactly what’s in the formula and why it’s there. Now that’s a product mission we can get behind.

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Their brand story started with the Forever Eye Mask, $25, a reusable eye mask that takes down inflammation and dark circles while boosting hydration and smoothing the undereye over time. They’re a fave among celebs and beauty lovers, thanks to their sustainable approach to an often wasteful product. The product pretty much went viral and catapulted the brand into immediate success, but they didn’t stop there. They’ve since released Deliverance, $69, their hero serum, and Instant Angel, $45; a barrier restore cream and another best-seller. Seriously, don’t sleep on these products; add them to your cart STAT, as they constantly sell out!

Must-have: Forever Eye Mask, $25.

3. Ceremonia

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Ceremonia, which translates to ceremony in Spanish, was founded by Babba C. Rivera, who wanted to create a haircare brand that empowers its customers to embrace their natural hair texture. As a Latin American immigrant growing up in Sweden, she never felt represented, especially in the beauty world. However, her father – a hairdresser – spent hours caring for her long, curly tresses in her own home.

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After moving to the US to follow her dreams, she reconnected with her LatinX heritage and wanted to create a brand that honored these sacred haircare rituals with a new-age perspective. The brand debuted with Aceite de Moska, $28, a heritage scalp oil that promotes shiny, healthy hair, and they now house a range of delicious clean haircare solutions, from papaya-infused scrubs to guava sprays.

Must-have: Aceite de Moska Hair Oil & Scalp Massager Set, $40. 

4. Simihaze Beauty

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Real talk: you’ll struggle to find a cooler duo than twin sisters Simi and Haze. DJ’s turned beauty brand founders, the Simihaze Beauty journey began with an obsession with dualities: AM and PM, form and function, minimal and maximal.

The creative duo has always used makeup as a form of expression. They set out to create products that enhance your natural beauty, not restrict or conceal it. The result? They now stock an array of products that bring out your inner party girl, like their famous Eye Play stickers, which have been a fave on TikTok and with celebs.

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Another major yes moment is the sculptural packaging, which is inspired by the twin’s love of fine art. But TBH, their creativity spills into their social pages, product photography, and of course, all the beautiful looks they create. It’s giving Euphoria vibes, and we LOVE.

Must-have: EYE PLAY Gem and Glitter Eye Sticker Set, $42.

5. Joaquina Botánica

Giovanna Campagna Garthwaite founded her clean beauty brand inspired by her Columbian heritage and the trailblazing women in her life who had a deep-rooted love for skincare. She actually named her line after her great-grandmother, who convinced her husband to start their own family-run apothecary in Cali, Colombia, back in 1875.

It just makes sense that the brand is clean and fuels its formulas with the best ingredients mother nature offers, which are also sacred in Latin America. The nurturing love for natural beauty at every age is clear in everything the brand does and is one of the many reasons we love it. As a mother herself, almost all of the products in the line are pregnancy-safe. It just ticks all the right boxes – authentic and effective.

Must-have: The Orquídea + Vitamin C Hydrating Glow Oil, $92.

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