Hot Girl Summer Hair Trends That Bring The Heat



It’s official, summer is here and it’s bringing the heat. And as much as we love long balmy nights, cute summer ‘fits, and ice oat milk lattes (#sorrynotsorry), the humidity doesn’t always play ball with our hair. Speaking as someone who has had matted hair while vacationing around Europe for the past two weeks, your girl knows. So, upon my return to the beauty world, I wanted to help out my fellow summer hotties and provide some major hairspo to help you beat the heat and look hella cute while you do it. You gotta try these hairstyles, even if only for the vacay pics.

1. The Pammy Updo

The world’s obsession with Pamela reached new heights this spring thanks to the highly-rated biopic, which documented Pammy’s love affair with rockstar Tommy Lee. However, our love affair (and TikTok’s) was with her signature updo, AKA a tousled bun with tendrils and tons of sex appeal. It’s sassy, classy, and most importantly, easy to achieve at home. If you don’t believe us, check out our step-by-step guide.

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Another major bonus? It keeps your hair up, while still serving a major lewk. No sweaty necks here.

2. Braided Or Twisted Ponytail

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The braided ponytail isn’t a new hairstyle by any means, but it’s a trend that comes back around every six months. And TBH, we’re not mad. It’s crazy easy to execute, it keeps your strands away from your face, and it’s perfect for third or even fourth-day hair.

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As with most comeback hair trends, celebs and their glam squads are constantly experimenting with different variations. Case in point: this stunning low ponytail braid Queen BAE sported on her most recent Vogue cover. We love the texture of the multiple braids and the variation of the braid size… SO cool. But obviously, that’s what you’d expect from Beyoncé.

Another seriously dope variation of this trend? This style slayed (as per) by Gabrielle Union. Instead of a classic three-strand braid, she’s twisted her tresses and accented the ‘do with full volume at the ends. We’re. In. Love.

3. Cornrows With Extra Cute Curls

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As soon as this photograph came up on our Instagram, we died and went to beauty heaven. It’s literal perfection, from her graphic liner to her lashes and glossy lip. Not to mention, her cornrows. Our fave thing about Yara’s hair, which we expect to be a major trend this season, is the slightly undone texture and loose curls running free. Unlike most braided styles that tend to be super tight and glossy, this added texture adds softness and another layer of dimension. It’s also much easier to maintain and gives a nod to the natural hair texture.

4. A Thick 90s Headband

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This has to be one of the easiest hair trends to emulate and can be executed anywhere, from the subway to your bathroom. Seriously, carry around a thick black headband in your purse all summer long and you’ll be three seconds away from a cute, on-trend hairstyle.

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Whether your snatch it back or leave a little fringe detail – a fave of Bella Hadid’s – it keeps your hair away from your face while subtly snatching your cheekbones. What’s not to love? Oh, and they are cheap. Grab yours from Amazon or Etsy.

5. The Snatched Bun

You may be tired of hearing about the snatched bun but there’s no denying that it’s a hairstyling phenomenon. It’s flattering, it’s sleek, it’s chic, it’s easy to master, and basically, just serves in every way.

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I mean come on! It’s just SO good. It’s also perfect for beating the heat. Honestly, even if you do find yourself sweating, just swipe back that sweat into your hairline for an extra sleek finish. Kinda gross, but let’s be honest, we all get sweaty from time to time, but if you’ve got a snatched bun, no one will know. Check out how to get the lewk here.

6. The Zig Zag Headband

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Yet another Bella Hadid fave for summer is the zig-zag headband, also favored by Euphoria’s Maddy Perez. Yes, the plastic hairband you wore in your childhood and tween years is making a comeback. It’s cheap, easy to wear, and works with all hair textures. Plus, it’s perfect for festival season and adds an edge to any look. Check out our trend report for the DL.

Okay, so now you’ve got the hairstyles to beat the heat, here are some summer makeup staples that are 100% sweat-proof.

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