These 7 New Fragrances For Spring Have Big #SignatureScent Energy



Bless up – winter is finally going back into hiding after an overstayed welcome. Translation: It’s time to throw open your windows and toss your cozy cardis into storage. Spring also lends a golden opportunity to swap in a new EDP because, as much as they keep us cozy, woody vetiver and warm musk are best packed away with the winter wardrobe. To help inspire your spring-y signature scent, we’re highlighting some of our favorite new debuts that lean into the season.

1. KAYALI Yum Pistachio Gelato | 33, $138

1-Kayali-Yum-Pistachio-GelatoSource: KAYALI

KAYALI just dropped a genuine treat for your olfactory system. Yum Pistachio Gelato starts off with a bang of pistachio, airy whipped cream, sweet rum, and a light dusting of roasted hazelnut. Add a bit of marshmallow and cotton candy to the mix, and we’re talking gourmand heaven. As sweet as it is, the fragrance still feels fresh, light, and sophisticated. Intrigued? Check out our love letter to Yum Pistachio Gelato to learn a bit more.

2. Good Chemistry Coffee Cloud, $29

2-Good-Chemistry-Coffee-CloudSource: Good Chemistry

If you’re not quite ready to let go of winter cozies, spritz on this transitional scent from Good Chemistry. Coffee Cloud makes you feel like you’re sitting on one of those giant, fluffy cumulus clouds against a blue sky while sipping a freshly poured cuppa. This moody spring scent also has notes of zingy bergamot and calming cedarwood. If you want, there’s a travel version available for on-the-go application, as well as a lighter body mist perfect for all-over spritzing. 

3. Maison Francis Kurkdjian 724, $275

3-Maison-Francis-KurkdjianSource: Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Maison Francis Kurkdjian – which brought us cult sensation Baccarat Rouge (checkout its affordable dupes) – is back at it with a vibrant floral inspired by the buzz of urban living. The top features an addictive duo of aldehydes and bergamot, which settles into a crisp bouquet of white florals and Egyptian jasmine. Sandalwood and white musk mellow out the scent at the bottom.

4. Bath and Body Works Coco Paradise, $45

4-Bath-and-Body-Works-Coco-ParadiseSource: Bath and Body Works

Ready to leap right into the warm season? Coconut is queen. Bath and Body Works might be known best for its home fragrances, but the brand dabbles in personal scents, as well. Coco Paradise is their newest “it girl,” which is basically a bottled version of a balmy, bronzed day spent with toes in warm sand and sunshine peeking through the brim of your oversized sun hat. 

5. Leland Francis Cowgirl, $115

5-Leland-Francis-CowgirlSource: Leland Francis

This newest fragrance drop from Leland Francis will have you heading into spring with a “Yeehaw!” It’s inspired by lace, boots with spurs, open fields of white flowers, and cool evenings spent wrapped around a flickering campfire. This warm floral features top notes of bergamot and tuberose, which yields way to orange blossoms, jasmine, and balsamic woods. (Psst! LF launched a partner to Cowgirl, aptly named Cowboy, $115. It’s earthy and green with fresh-squeezed citrus and spicy zing.)

6. PHLUR Tangerine Boy, $96

6-PHLUR-Tangerine-BoySource: PHLUR

We’ve given you florals and gourmands, so let’s turn our attention to a splashy citrus scent that’s perfect for spring. PHLUR’s Tangerine Boy is the type that likes to take center stage. It opens with a flash of juicy lemon and zippy ginger, which’ll have you feeling awake if you don’t already. Middle notes of freshly picked apple, tangerine rinds, and sweet jasmine lend a hint of softness, while a foundation of amber and moss adds a pinch of sensuality. It’s divine.

7. Jo Malone London Red Roses Cologne, $110

7-JoMalone-London-Red-RosesSource: Jo Malone London

Leave it to Miss Jo Malone to hit us with one of the prettiest spring perfumes of the year. Aptly named, Red Roses is a classic romantic floral that effortlessly captures the scent of garden roses freshly snipped and placed in a sun-drenched vase you’ve nestled in the window. It goes one step further, though, adding depth and character with notes of bright and juicy drops of lemon and fresh violets. 

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