RIP To These Beauty Trends In 2019


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Remember when crimped hair, flares, and panda-like eyeliner were hotter then Ariana Grande in 7 Rings? Yeah, well as with all trends, they must die at some point – the clue is in the name. While beauty trends tend to stick around much longer than a season (seriously, how many times have we seen graphic-liner be heralded as a new trend), there comes the point when even the most seemingly ‘life-changing’ trends have to go. Here’re the trends we’re saying thank you next to this year…

Overly-Filled Lips

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This trend has been dominating for the last few years – remember those terrifying ‘Kylie lip challenge’ videos, where people sucked on shot glasses to get a fuller pout for free. Yeah, not a good idea, at all! Lip fillers are now the number one cosmetic surgery around the globe, increasing massively in demand ever since Kylie Jenner got hers back in 2015 – Google searches for lip fillers hit an all-time high.

And we’re not going to lie, we love plump lips, but we feel like the time of getting A LOT of filler is coming to an end – it’s a time to embrace a softer, more natural look. Don’t get us a wrong, we’re still going to be relying on our lip liner to add a little volume, but we won’t be feeling the need to spend all our cash on fillers. Or, if we do, at least we’ll be adding minuscule amounts to contour the lips, instead of adding as much as we can to get the most-requested look of all time, the ‘Kylie Jenner’ look.

The trend for 2019 is actually to have a slightly larger bottom lip. Makeup artists are now using lighter shades of lipstick on the bottom lip to contour and make the lower lip seem more full. Check out our guide for contouring a naturally plump pout here.

Instagram Brows

AKA bye-bye boxy brows that look so perfectly outlined and neat you’d think someone spent three hours Facetuning them! But we’re not heading in the completely opposite direction either – Rihanna’s Vogue cover had us all terrified the skinny brow would return, but our love for fuller brows isn’t going anywhere. Let’s all just take a minute to pray together that the 90s brow never returns! So, while we’re still loving bigger brows, we’re feeling a more natural, bushier brow – one that isn’t perfectly drawn and box-like, but a brow that has a little more life and a more natural feel.

Our latest brow product obsession is the perfect way to achieve this look! The Urban Decay Brow Blade has a fine liner that allows you to fill in the brow and add dimension with fine hair-like strokes that mimic real hairs – it’s kinda like an at-home microblading tool. Check out our full review and tips for a more natural brow here.

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Heavy Contouring

Don’t get us wrong; We LOVE contour! Literally, contour is the key to slimming, shaping, and just generally adding definition to the face. However, we feel like 2019 is the year to embrace the more natural look – yes, we know people have been talking about the natural trend for years, but in 2019, it’s going to happen. So while we’re not telling you to put down your bronzer all together (as if!) we’re talking a much subtler contour to make your cheekbones pop.

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Tip: Try sticking with cream contour. This means if you do happen to apply too much, correcting it is way easier – the product moves around easier, and you can always add concealer if you need to. However, once powder contour is laid down, it’s almost impossible to blend it out if you’ve gone overboard by mistake. We love the Benefit Hoola Quickie Contour Stick, $28 – the cream consistency blends like a dream!

Check out this cream contour tutorial to nail the look: