3 Tools That Boost Hair Health And Minimize Damage


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If you, just like us, are looking to avoid hair damage at ALL costs, you need these beauty tools in your life, like yesterday. We’ll be real with you, the average modern mane endures a lot of damage due to our love of styling and snatched ‘styles. And while this may look great, it can wreak havoc on your hair health. That’s where these tools come in to save the day and minimize on damage; either by using lower styling temperatures, reducing breakage and split ends, or by stimulating growth for fuller, thicker hair. Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Damage-Free Heat Styling: The Dafni Allure Straightening Brush, $197


Dafni allure

Sometimes finding a beauty regime that caters to our fast-paced lifestyle can be a struggle – until we found the Dafni Allure. The hair straightening device is completely portable and will take your hair from wild and curly to looking freshly blow-dried in a matter of 20 minutes (depending on your hair type, thickness, and length). Think of it as a hair straightener without all the damage.

The Dafni Allure has four times the surface area of a regular flat iron and will distribute constant heat maintaining the temperature of 185°, which is lower than a typical flat iron so it won’t damage your hair. Plus, it only takes 2 minutes to heat up so you’re not left waiting. Read our full review here.

2. For Sleek AF Hair: The Split-Ender Pro2 (Home Professional), $120

split ender

Split ends are a pain in the ass, and can make your hair look dull, damaged, and frizzy. This hair trimming device safely banishes split ends while preserving the length of your hair, which is pretty genius, and it actually works (check out the results here). The device itself is easy to use – you simply run the device through small pieces of dry hair and it trims away the ends of your hair. Not only did our hair feel so much softer, but it also looked glossier, and our split ends were massively diminished, both at the bottoms and through the shorter layers. Although the machine didn’t get every last split end, we would say between 60 to 80% of our split ends were removed, depending on the hair type. So, if you love to leave it a long time between cuts, this tool is definitely a good investment for keeping hair healthy while growing it out.

3. For Thinning Hair: iRestore Hair Growth System, $695

irestore growth system

While thinning hair happens to the best of, especially around the hairline, iRestore offer a permanent solution. The iRestore Hair Growth System, $695, will boost hair growth addressing areas of hair thinning and balding. The helmet device uses a combination of red-light therapy and laser to stimulate the hair follicle and boost growth. However, you do have to wear the machine for 25 minutes every other day for 3-6 months depending on your current hair status. With the price and rigorous treatment plan, this is definitely a solution for people who are really committed. Find out all the deets on how it works here.

Have you guys used any of these tools? Let us know in the comments below.