5 Beauty Treatments That Are Going To Be BIG This Year


Over the last five years we’ve seen some straight-up crazy beauty treatments; from the notorious penis facial to the vampire facial that went viral after Kim K posted a gory picture of it. There are also new treatments that boost your glow like crazy, like hydrafacials, red light therapy, and the celeb fave, the oxygen facial. Not to mention the long list of cosmetic treatments like filler, botox, and threads, which became almost as popular as getting your hair done.

For 2020, the focus is shifting to more natural, less invasive treatments. So, while the previous treatments will no doubt still be popular, you can expect to see a rise in detoxifying treatments that help you look and feel your best. Plus, treatments to save you both time and $$$ (finally!). Trust us, by the end of 2020, you’ll have enjoyed at least one of these treatments.

1. For Bold, Beautiful Brows: Brow Lamination

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Cost: $50-120

Just when we thought we couldn’t try another brow treatment, brow lamination popped up on our Instagram feed and we fell in love. The semi-permanent treatment straightens, sets, and tints your brows leaving you with full, fluffy brows for up to eight weeks.

The process only lasts 30 minutes and is pain-free (unlike microblading) – it does tingle at first, but only a little! To begin, a cream is applied to soften the hair, which allows you to manipulate it so it can be moved in a new direction. The brows are then brushed into place so they’re completely uniform. Next, another cream is applied to reconstitute the hair structure. Finally, a tint is applied, followed by any shaping. Enjoy Insta-worthy brows for eight weeks! For more deets on brow lamination, read our full guide.

2. For a Naturally Snatched Face: Facial Massage

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Cost: $100-200

Facial massage is not a new technique, in fact, it’s a practice that’s been around for centuries. But this year, we’re going to start working the technique into our daily routine. It’s quick and easy to do and the benefits are insane! With the right movements, you’ll boost circulation, drain your lymph glands – aka de-bloat your face – and contour your cheekbones like crazy.

There are also tons of amazing tools to enhance the effects. Case in point; Gua Sha, a practice that involves moving a smooth, blunt instrument (a Gua Sha) along specific energy lines to remove toxins from your lymphatic system. According to Danna Omari, Founder of Noy Skincare, “Done consistently, Gua Sha helps to improve the function of the skin which helps with many skin conditions; Deep lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, rosacea, acne, acne scars, pigmentation, dark circles, puffiness.” We’ve been using our Gua Sha tool every morning for a month and our skin feels firmer, more toned, and brighter.

If you want to take facial massage to the next level, then try the celeb fave: Buccal massage. The name buccal refers to the area that’s being massaged, which is your inner cheek. Celebs like Meghan Markle, J.Lo, and Kate Moss have this treatment before big events. Dana explains that, “inside the mouth (intraoral), we are able to access and massage the muscle inside and outside simultaneously, which removes blockages and adhesions and completely improves the posture of the face by lifting, sculpting, and firming.” It’s essentially an instant facelift, and if you don’t believe us, check out the before and afters on her Instagram page.

3. For a Bloat-Free Lifestyle: Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Cost: $100

Trust us, as soon as you see the instant results of a full-body lymphatic massage, you’ll be googling where in your area offers the treatment. It’s the latest celebrity obsession, everyone from Kris Jenner to Selena Gomez rely on lymphatic massage for a bloat-free life. The massage technique uses gentle pressure to drain excess fluid and stimulate lymph nodes; part of the system that makes immune cells to fight infection. By getting regular massages, some believe it also helps strengthen your defense system. Just like facial massage, it helps relieve bloating, puffiness, as well as water retention. It’s a great treatment if you fly frequently or before a big event.

4. For Healthy Skin At Home: Skincare Tech

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Cost: $19-$500

As much as we love splurging on self-love, when it comes to high tech facials they can be hella-expensive, which is why at-home tech is going to be increasingly popular in 2020. Plus, at-home skincare tools are advancing so rapidly that the results are becoming MAJOR… All from the comfort of your couch! Does it get any better than that?

Take The Ziip Beauty Tool, $495, for example, it can be used to combat melasma, hyperpigmentation, undereye bags, and wrinkles. It’s super easy to use, simply download the app, and choose your program to target different skin concerns. It’s not cheap, but considering you’ll use it every week for years, it swiftly becomes a clever investment tool. Or, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution, the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment, $19, uses light therapy to target breakouts while improving texture and tone. For more bomb skincare tools, check out 10 beauty tools that are worth every dollar.

5. For Inner Peace and Healing: Sound Baths

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Cost: $30-$65

If one of your 2020 goals is to heal and banish negative energy, then sound baths are going to be your favorite wellness ritual. Before you ask, a sound bath doesn’t involve any water: it’s a meditation class that helps you enter a deep meditative state while being engulfed in sound. If you’re thinking: ‘how can this heal me?’ Well, there are SO many studies that prove that music can lower your blood pressure, decrease pulse rate, and assist the parasympathetic nervous system, which aids digestion and boosts metabolic rates. Combine this with the power of meditation and you have a self-healing haven.

During the session, the sound therapist will create repetitive notes at varying frequencies to help you focus and find inner stability. The sounds are created with gemstone and crystal brows to release positive energy, as well as gongs and cymbals to awaken your chakras. Depending on the class, you’ll be asked to stay in a seated position or lay on a yoga mat. You can also buy your own sound bath bowl, and practice sound bath meditation at home. It might sound a bit out there, but trust us, you will leave that sound bath feeling amazing.

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