3 Beauty Tools That Tighten Pores Instantly!


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Everyone is obsessed with getting rid of their pores, but did you know that it’s categorically impossible to. The fact is, the size of your pore is determined by hormones and genetics (they’re actually the opening of a hair follicle). When pores become blocked, they increase in size, and the more blockage, the more chance of breakouts. However, with a balanced skincare routine and some helpful tools, you can help to make your pores look tighter. These three beauty tools will do exactly that:

1. FOMI Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Bead Full Facial Mask, $16

cooling face maskSource: Fomi

It’s no secret we’re addicted to sheet masks – what’s not to love? It’s an instant glow up. On a recent trip to Korea, we came across a seriously dope cooling mask, kinda like a sheet mask but a whole lot more effective. This cooling mask depuffs, tightens pores, and smooths the skin by dilating blood vessels – just store it in the fridge and wear it for five to ten mins before makeup application.

As soon as we used it, our skin was visibly tighter and more sculpted. It’s also the bomb if you have sunburn or are prone to morning puffiness. Another option is to heat the mask – if you need to zen TF out. We applied the warm mask as part of our nighttime regimen to boost blood circulation and relieve eye strain. Read our full review here.

2. Allegra Baby Magic Globes, $32

globes Source: Allegra

Five years ago the term skincare tool wouldn’t have meant much, but now beauty tools are an integral part of most of our routines. From jade rollers and rose quartz gua shas, to light therapy and cleansing tools – we love them all. So, when a new pore-smoothing glass tool surfaced on Instagram, we went on Amazon and ordered it ASAP. These blue globes are made of pyrex glass that’s resilient to extreme temperatures, and the liquid inside is anti-freeze, so it has no freezing temperature. The result is an ice-cold glass tool that de-puffs skin and eye bags and tightens pores. By using them in lifting motions around the face, you’ll also boost lymphatic drainage, helping remove toxins from the skin (find out how to do lymphatic drainage here).

3. The Ziip Beauty Tool, $495

Ziip beauty tool

While we realize this particular device is a big splurge; it has a whole array of skincare benefits other than just tightening your pores. The handheld device uses nano currents to sculpt the face, and of course, tighten your skin for a more youthful appearance. It uses small electronic vibrations to pass current through the skin to encourage collagen and elastin production. The tool itself can be used to combat melasma, hyperpigmentation, undereye bags and wrinkles. It’s super easy to use, simply download the app, and choose your program to target different skin concerns. There’s a program designed specifically to clean out your pores and therefore minimize their appearance, named Quick Fix, which takes just two minutes. For more deets about the Ziip, check out our full review.

Shop it here.

Have you guys tried any of these beauty tools? Let us know your fave pore-tightening hacks in the comments below.

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