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By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’m not going to lie, summer is without doubt my favorite season, I’m sure it’s on the top of your list too:)! The mood is chill, the family is usually close, work is more relaxed, school is out–it’s time to unwind and enjoy time with your friends and family. But with summer in the air, I want to relax.   I don’t want to spend hours on my makeup, and I am obsessed with beauty! Well, Makeup Forever has createdContinue reading


Vitamin HB | Wrinkle War!

By Huda Heidi Kattan

All I know is, I am way too young to be wrinkled like a prune! But when I used to wake up in the morning I would notice wrinkles in my cleavage, NOT very becoming!  According to many beauty experts, theseContinue reading

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Bye Bye Wrinkles!

Chances are, if I know you, at some point in our friendship, I have given you a tube of Retin A. Why? I LOVE THIS STUFF!

A few years ago, after leaving sunny Dubai and heading to Boston in the winter, I began feeling a bit pasty. It wasn’t long before me and Hot Bodeez tanning salon became BFFs. As much as this seemed like a fool-proof relationship at the time, I noticed three long wrinkles forming across my forehead.

“Eeeek!” I remember thinking!

The dilemma, I loved my golden-bronzy skin, but these three little piglets, not so much.

An incredibly wise and beautiful woman who was to me, the epitome of a DIVA/mother figure recommended I use Retin A. To my amazement, my wrinkles literally, completely disappeared!

Retin A is used as treatment for acne, but is very effective in its ability to reduce the signs of aging, stretchmarks and even hair loss. If you are interested in using Retin A (also known as Aberela, Vesanoid, Renova, Atralin, Avita, or Stieva-A), contact your dermatologist and make sure to use it sparingly as it can cause too much skin renewal, which can lead to flaking.

I do recommend using a very light dosage. I use .025, which is very light and easy on my skin. Remember, don’t over do it! I tiny dab will go a long way!


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