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Skin Purifying Face Mask!

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Who doesn’t suffer from large pores? Anyone who wears makeup on a daily basis needs to take extra care of their skin to make sure they remove all the dirt and oil that clogs up pores leaving them large and way too obvious. Not too long ago I wrote about the benefits of usingContinue reading

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I’m BACK!!!

Hi guys!!!

OMG! I have missed you guys terribly, but I am back!!! It feels soooo good to be back in Dubai! I can’t put it into words! The weather in Boston was really beautiful and it was soooo great to see my inlaws and my Bestie, but I did feel out of place! Funny thing is I finally conquered my jet lag the last two days I was there–AWESOME! The plane ride was exhausting, but I literally slept an entire day yesterday, and I feel much better although something tells me I’m not through with my jet lag just yet!

Anyways, I’m really excited for 2011! It will be our 1 year anniversary:) Yaay! And hopefully we will be hitting our 1 million hits in a few months!! I’m sooo excited and I have a lot planned! This months contest will be announced soon, but the choices are really exciting!! I can’t wait!! 🙂

I love you guys soooo much and I seriously wish you guys all the BEST 2011 EVER!!! 🙂


Vitamin HB | Super Dry Knees

By Huda Heidi Kattan

It stinks, but many of us suffer from dry knees and elbows, which means we are prone to darker skin in those areas. While we could simply go to a spa to get treatment in the area, it is soooo not necessary! Like always, most solutions to beauty dilemmas can be found in our kitchen and cost only pennies to make! Continue reading

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Mood Changing Lips

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Lipstick sure has evolved since I was a little girl! I remember all the makeup kits I would get filled with tiny lipsticks that you could stack on top of each other! It wasn’t until I was about the age of Continue reading


Vitamin HB | Alya’s Awesome Abs Snack!

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Today I was COMPLETELY snowed in!! There was a blizzard in the Boston area and we literally couldn’t leave today! It was so beautiful, but I was starving and I wanted something healthy! Thank God my sister just posted some awesome recipe’s for healthy abs! I didn’t get a chance to try all of them, but I tried the first one since I had hummus in the house. It was really delicious and I felt great knowing it was so healthy! For all of her recipes, check out her fit blog! Continue reading


Vitamin HB | Peppermint Perfect

By Huda Heidi Kattan

In light of the holiday’s I thought it would be great to share a recipe for skin lightening that uses a very wintery ingredients! This recipe is great for women or men who have dark knees or elbows and need lightening! I get a lot of request for skin lightening, and this recipe so I hope you guys love this! 🙂Continue reading

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