By Huda Heidi Kattan

Would you eat food that didn’t mold after a week? What about food that didn’t mold after 6 months? Hmm…do I really need an answer? Sally Davies launched a project called, The Happy Meal Project, in which she observed what happened to a happy meal over the period of 6 months. The observation, pretty disgusting. The food did NOT mold, it simply dried up. Davies, a declared vegan, also reported some strange occurances.

The first thing that struck me on day two of the experiment was that it no longer emitted any smell.
And then the second point of note was that on the second day, my dogs stopped circling the shelf
it was sitting on trying to see what was up there. 

Ok, would you eat a happy meal now?
source and image credits
mindbodygreen, fitperez, refinery29