Class In Session: Easy Hacks To Level Up Your Makeup Game


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The makeup community doesn’t gatekeep, period. Like us, MUAs and beauty influencers are always dropping their fave products and transformative tips to make it easier on those new to the makeup game. This overload of info can get slightly overwhelming, even for certified makeup junkies! But you know we’re always here to help – if you’re having trouble understanding the difference between various makeup formulas, check out our makeup guide for beginners. Then come back here because we’ve got plenty of game-changing application hacks to upgrade and cut short your daily routines. From how to master lip liner, baking, brows and more, this visual makeup crash course will take you from beginner to pro in no time.

Complexion 101

When it comes to your base, there are literally hundreds of hacks to choose from, so we’ve listed some of our faves here:

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1. Bake with a pink powder to combat dark circles: For a ‘dark circles, who?’ effect, brighten your undereyes with a pink-toned powder like our Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder, $34, in shade Cherry Blossom. For richer skin tones, try this hack: dip your damp makeup sponge into pink-toned blush, followed by your go-to translucent powder. Check out this post for a full guide.

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2. Create an easy monochromatic look with bronzer: When it comes to bronzer, you have the classic “3” shape technique but why stop there? Contour your lids, cheeks, and nose with the same formula for a sculpted monochromatic look that can never go wrong… That goddess glow’s a flex, ain’t it? Simply dip a fluffy brush into your bronzer and sweep it along your eyelids and along your nose for a snatched bronzed beat.

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3. Try the one dot contour hack: Gone are the days of heavy contouring – we’re all about a rosy glow up now. However, that doesn’t mean we’ve ditched contour altogether; we just use this cheeky, one-dot contour hack instead. Chiseled cheekbones, here we come.

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4. Ombre your blush: Ombré blush is a (kinda) new hack on the scene and we’re low-key obsessed. It involves using a lighter shade on the top of your cheeks, which transitions into a deep shade at the high points of your cheekbones. Our Huda Beauty Cheeky Tint Blush Sticks, $25, are perfect for this hack as the buildable cream formulas blend beautifully for a snatched rosy glow.

5. Drape your blush: Blush draping is yet another major blush trend for summer, which actually dates back to the 70s – fun fact: queen Cher was a huge fan of this look. Simply extend your blush placement all the way up to your temples, and you can even drag your blush across the eyelid. The result is a super warm, flushed look with cheekbones to die for. BTW, we put the new Benefit Cosmetics WANDERful World Silky-Soft Powder Blush, $17, to the test with this hack and they held up beautifully.

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6. Highlight your jawline: Don’t forget to apply a highlighter on the high points of your face including the tip of your nose, cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and décolletage. Bonus points if you apply our new Huda Beauty N.Y.M.P.H. All Over Glow Mini, $19, along your jawline, à la Bella Hadid.

How To Level Up Your Eye Look

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1. Use liner and eyeshadow for an easy cut crease: Mastering a killer cut crease is no easy feat but it’s about to become a breeze. Use liner to cut your crease, eyeshadow to soften, and concealer to keep things razor-sharp. What can we say – when we go glam, we don’t do it half-heartedly.

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2. Contour your Lid: If color isn’t your thang, buff your contour or bronzer formula into the crease of your lid, dragging the formula towards the tail end of your brow for a minimal and nude-y vibe. Eye contouring isn’t exactly a new trend but we use it on #NoMakeupMakeup days for some low-key depth and dimension. 

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3. The eyeliner post-it hack: Eyeliner givin’ you trouble? Head over to your desk, grab a post-it, and tuck the edge along your lower lash line. Angle it toward your hairline and use the edge as a guide to create a sleek wing. Et voila, the perfect wing in seconds.

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4. The micellar water-liner: Ditch the standard black liner and dip a thin brush into micellar water, followed by an eyeshadow of your choice to create the graphic liner looks of your dreams. Guess we know what we’re wearing for Pride marches this year…

Brow 101 

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1. Use TikTok filters to discover your perfect arch: Ditch the brow newbie status and use this TikTok filter to find what could be your perfect brow shape. Use the pink lines and blue dots to guide your pencils for #BombBrows at home.

2. Try bleached brows: Ok, bleached brows are still poppin’ on the red carpet and the runways, and we get that it’s very. Out. There. If you’re not ready to commit to the look, fake it with a bleach brow tint like the Sensorium Beauty Brow Engineer, $16, (in shade Platinum, Bleached, or Ash).

Lip 101 

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1. Try the bow and arrow lip hack: For the illusion of fuller lips, use a cream contour on a thin brush to draw a ‘bow’ under the fullest part of your bottom lip and an ‘arrow’ above your Cupid’s bow. Use your fave lip liner to draw a) an arrowhead on the center of your lips b) a line down the center of your top lip, and c) a triangle on your lower lip. Blend the cream contour with a fluffy brush and swipe your fave matte on top for a pouty finish.

Phew, now THAT’s a crash course. But of course, we’ve got some more makeup tips (from celeb MUAs) lined up for you as well – cancel that Netflix binge, boo.

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